Kola   yves8
Luan  Kola Yves Lemoigne    


• Luan Kola*, Aleksander
Xhuvani University Elbasan Al     

• Yves Lemoigne*,IFMP (Fr) &
      CERN (Ch)
• Inva Koçiaj-Buzi, Aleksander
   Xhuvani University Elbasan Al

• Christian Cachard, C.Bernard
   University, Lyon, Fr
• Albana Topi,Siena University It
   * Co-Chair

poster Elbasan b S
Luan Kola * Uniel, Elbasan, Al
Y. Lemoigne * IFMP-Fr, CERN-Ch
N.Hyka, UPT, Tirana, Al
D.Kishta, TU, Tirana, Al
M.Qordja, Mother Teresa Hospital Tirana, Al
H.Liebgott, Creatis, Lyon, F
P.Malkaj, UPT, Tirana, Al
I.Muçollari, Mother Teresa Hosp. Tirana, Al
M.Mischi, Tech. U. Eindoven, Nl
E.Raeisi, Shahrekord Uni, Shahrekord, Iran
A.Rijnders, Europe Clinics, Brussels, Be
E.Telhaj, Hygeia Hosp. Tirana, Al
P.Tortoli, Florence Uni. Firenze It

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This Workshop, hosted by Aleksander Xhuvani University of Elbasan, Albania, would like to target two kinds of public:
-1 Young scientists who need to be convinced that Medical Physics is an interesting option.
 -2 More senior physicists and engineers who would like the know present evolutions in the domain.

Elbasan is an historic city along  the via Egnatia (from Roma to Byzance in the Roman times) funded in IV Century BC.
Elbasan was the seat of the first Education institution of Albania, now Aleksander Xhuvani University.

Application to the workshop is compulsory to obtain participation in scientific activities, documents for work, coffee breaks, lunches taken
together and any cultural activities. Special support is provided to help participation of Young Scientists not only in following the courses but
also in providing them possibility to give rapid Powerpoint presentations or Poster presentation in one of the 3 "Forum sessions"




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