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Foundation of the Institute For Medical Physics (IFMP)

In collaboration with local universities or hospitals, the mission of IFMP is
to provide a high level education to all Medical Physicists / Clinical Engineers from Eastern Europe & South of Mediterranean Sea with a particular attention to young colleagues or students at end of Master level and/or PhD preparation.

The role of the Medical Physics (MP) and Biological Engineering (BME) in Medicine has significantly contributed to advances in medicine, especially through the development of radiation-based medical diagnosis and treatment in the past hundred years. During this period medical physics has been established as a clinical specialty dealing with, inter alia, important aspects of medical uses of radiation and contributing to patient safety and quality of care. The past few decades have brought another physics-based revolution in medicine, through huge advances in medical imaging. As a result of these advances, the role of the medical physicist in clinical environment has become more important than ever.  (from European Commission, 2014)


During a GREISE meeting held at CERN, Geneva (CH) on February 12, 2014, the Institute For Medical Physics (IFMP) was founded with the overarching goal to provide a high-level education in the complex field of Medical Physics(MP), especially in areas of unmet needs. Accordingly and initially, IFMP is intended primarily but not exclusively for young physicists and engineers from Eastern Europe and from the Southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

GREISE is a free association of physicists who worked for more than two decades in the dissemination of science primarily in Eastern Europe (with many workshops in various countries). GREISE was also one of the founders of the ESI Archamps in 1994. The website of GREISE ( contains its legal references in accordance with the French law of July 1901 for associations.

IFMP is the educational arm of GREISE.
Signed: Gabriel Bassompierre (Greise Président); Yves Lemoigne (VP & Treasurer); Paul Baillon (Adj Treasurer); Robert Barate (Greise Member); Patrick Jarry (PSF Président)

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