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 The Mission of IFMP is to provide high level training and expertise to young medical physicists (active or future) in Eastern Europe.  This takes the form of workshops organized in partnership with local institutions and colleagues from different countries. IFMP is successor of the European School of Medical Physics School held around Geneva during about two decades. From this fruitful experience we learned two fundamental things:
  -1 Such training demand is acute in Europe but mainly in Eastern Europe. Now this region has highest priority.
  -2 Young physicists should benefit from a confident and dynamic dialogue with their experienced colleagues. A transnational framework is essential for that.
  But our young colleagues can rarely receive financial support from their institutions for professional training. IFMP must help those who are not resident in the city which hosts the workshops (additional expenses for accommodation, living expenses etc ...).
   Your donation will increase the number of junior participants suported by IFMP and it will maintain the necessary transnational aspect of dialogue.

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