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The financial conditions for your participation in the Ohrid Workshop 2018 depends on your affiliation status in the IFMP-Association or not. There are 3 categories of affiliation status:

-1- Junior IFMP-Association affiliates* who because that could have financial support (accommodation, breakfast, lunches, registration fees ...)
-2- Senior IFMP members* and/or lecturers for the Ohrid18 workshop (idem...)
-3- Other affiliations (i.e. you are not yet IFMP-Association member and you do not wish to be). Registration fees: 50 Euros
        *  who are in good standing for 2018 year (see

  Please fill in the form below and do not forget any item.  

       I had Membership in IFMP-Association for 2017 year      I have Membership in IFMP-Association for 2018 yearYes     If not yet a member I want to manage my membership
          To organise your stay in the Ohrid Convention Centre (OCC):
Please, give us the category number of your affiliation (1 or 2 or 3):   Note that Registration under category 1 or 2 are closed now. Only category 3 is possible and welcome!
Accommodation, Welcome cocktail, breakfasts and lunches will be provided in OCC from 25th to 28th of July 2018 for reservations under status 1 or 2.
Any enlargement of your stay have to be discussed and paid to OCC management (see contact on Ohrid18 main page)
Lecturers will have accommodation in "Single" rooms and Junior IFMP members in "Twin" rooms. Participants of category 3 have to reserve and pay directly to OCC.
•  I would like to reserve a "Single" room  at OCC  from  24/7 evening to 28/7 evening (for category 2 ):  
•   I would like to reserve a bed in a "Twin" room  at OCC from  24/7 evening to 28/7 evening  (for category 1):           Room to be shared with:
•  Will you attend the Welcome Cocktail Wednesday night (Free for all categories):
•  Will you attend the Farewell Banquet Friday night (Free for 1, 2 category):
•  As category 1 I would like to participate in the session "Quiz / Evaluation of Knowledge" just at the end of the Workshop
         Your special requests or suggestions (100 characters max):   

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