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Overview   of   the   Ohrid2018   Week  (25-28 July)

Sonja Petkovska
Sonja Petkovska2 Yves Lemoigne
IFMP and
CERN, Geneva
Yves OHD18

  During the Ohrid2018 workshop on Medical Physics and Bioengineering four main themes were discussed:
- Medical Imaging in General including Hybrid Imaging Devices (Day 1)
- Clinical Applications of Medical Imaging in Radiation Therapy (Mainly Day2 and Day 3)
- Innovation and Developments in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (Day 4)
- Special Programme: How to Boost Junior Career in Peactice(Days 1 & Day 4)

Iulia  Dragana Aleksandar
Iulia Dragana Aleksandar
Excellent Organisation Team: Many Thanks to our assistants !

All Powerpoint presentations given in Ohrid can be accessed on Indico-CERN (in pdf format)

Day 1 : Wednesday 25th
Day 2 : Thursday 26th
Day 3 : Friday 27th
Day 4 : Saturday 28th
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