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IFAMP is announcing the 2020 training school, this year dedicated to  IMAGE−GUIDED RADIO−/NUCLIDE
THERAPY, which will take place Sep−28 to Oct−02, 2020 in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The aim
of  the  course is to  disseminate  knowledge  in  the field of image−guided therapy interventions and to
promote  engagements   across  specialties  for  a  better  understanding  and   appreciation  of  applied
medical  physics.  The course  will  include introductions  to oncology and diagnostic applications with a
specific  focus  on  medical imaging and imaging biomarkers. Furthermore, topics  such as  radiotherapy
and  radionuclide−therapy,  image  guided  interventions  and  novel  application  in  these fields will be
covered. For a detailed program, please visit www.ifamp.eu
This training school is in the tradition of the IFMP training workshops ( see https://www.ifmp.eu ).    For
20+  years, students mainly from Eastern  Europe and  the Balkan  region have  been  trained in a  broad
range  of  applied  physics topics with a particular focus on imaging, detectors and radiation physics.

Target  Audience:  Young  professionals  with an  interest  in  medical  imaging  and  healthcare.  Junior
medical  professionals  and  doctors with  a basic knowledge of biology. Junior physicists and  engineers
with a  BSc or  MSc  degree (latter  preferred), or working  towards a  related  PhD. All attendees should
have  an  interest in clinical  applications of  natural sciences. They must also be able to communicate in
English, and be willing to engage in conversations and joint Q&A or reading/case reports.

In  the  tradition  of  IFMP,  a limited  number  of  stipends  (for registration, 5−day accommodation  and
lunches) is available for young professionals / students from south−east Europe. To  apply for a stipend,
please provide a letter of motivation and a CV in addition to your registration to: office@ifamp.eu