More details about Registration conditions :
Please read the following information carefully before proceeding to your registration

Category 1 is reserved for young colleagues or students of Master level and above who are "Junior Member" of
IFMP Association with their contribution in good standing for the year 2018.
(According to the law only a contribution, even modest, paid to the association is proof of membership).
It is within this framework that the Junior Members can benefit from the solidarity of the Senior Members of the
Association to receive :

-1- High-level education provided by European experts and caring colleagues,
 A  financial assistance  to participate  in the Workshop  at the lowest  cost
(Accommodation in Twin rooms, a large part of their food, various services...).
This financial support is only available to junior members of the IFMP Association who are in good standing for the year 2018.

If you have chosen category 1 before being a Junior member of the association, your registration will be transferred
to a waiting list until your membership is obtained. It is better to quickly adjust your membership
because the number of Juniors members who can be helped is limited in number and in time (June 1st).

Category 2 is reserved for Lecturers and Senior members of the IFMP Association to enable them to demonstrate
their solidarity with their young colleagues by the means indicated in the above paragraph.

Category 3 is for those who can not register under the two previous categories. They must book and pay for their
accommodation directly with the management of the Ohrid Congress Center (Half Board). In addition, an amount
of 50 Euros must be paid to the Workshop secretariat for participation in the activities of the Workshop.

If you have not correctly chosen your category, please redo your registration following the previous instructions.

Now you can proceed in your Registration