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   Todorka Dimitrova,
         Plovdiv  University, Bg
   Yves Lemoigne,
         IFMP, Ambilly, Fr & CERN, Ch
   Emilia Milieva
         Plovdiv Medical University, Bg
   Thomas Beyer,
         Medical University, Vienna, At
   Magdalena Stoeva
         Plovdiv Medical University, Bg
   Luc Bidaut,
         IFMP & Lincoln University, Uk
   Patrick Le Dû,
         IFMP & IEEE, USA
   Atanas Arnaudov
        Plovdiv  University, Bg
   Ivo Rausch
        Medical University, Vienna, At

  Plov post mini sm    Venue: Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski", Tzar Assen Street 24, Plovdiv (Rectorat)
 T. Dimitrova* Plovdiv University, Bg
 Y. Lemoigne
 E. Milieva, Plovdiv Medical University,Bg
 P. Le Dû, IEEE, N.Y., USA
 T. Beyer, MUW, Vienna, At
 M. Stoeva, Plovdiv Medical University,Bg
 L. Bidaut,  Lincoln University,UK
 I. Rausch,  MUW, Vienna, At
 V. V, ESR, Hybrid Consortium (TBD)
 W. W, ESR, Hybrid Consortium (TBD)
 X. X, ESR, Hybrid Consortium (TBD)
 Y. Y, ESR, Hybrid Consortium (TBD)
 Z. Z, ESR, Hybrid Consortium (TBD)

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Workshop Context: In a meeting of science ministers from 8 countries** of South East Europe (SEE), a declaration of intent was signed to create in SEE an international laboratory (in the spirit of CERN). It will have the dual purpose of promoting science-technology and improving relations between the SEE countries. The meeting chaired by Prof Schopper, a former CERN director and initiator of SESAME, a similar laboratory in the Middle East, has decided that one of the first priorities is the high-level training of a young generation of scientists. In this way these scientists would be able to participate in the construction of the equipment, then use it and disseminate in the region the scientific and technological benefits acquired. In March 2018, it was decided that this joint laboratory will have a Facility for Tumor Hadron Therapy and Biomedical Research. In this perspective, IFMP workshops would be of paramount importance to stimulate the motivation of young colleagues in this direction.  **Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina,Bulgaria, The FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. Croatia & Greece were observers

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